Dubai, a city of contrasts, never fails to astonish. On one side, it dazzles with its majestic skyscrapers, boasting luxury malls and  local souqs. On the other, it whispers tranquility, offering serene beaches kissed by the turquoise waters of the Arabian Gulf. These beaches provide a picturesque haven for sun-seekers, water lovers, and travelers seeking blissful relaxation. 

 Whether you’re a budget-conscious traveler or seeking luxury, Dubai’s finest beaches promise relaxation and excitement like never before. From free options to ideal spots for nighttime strolls, and even pet-friendly beaches where your furry companion can join in the fun, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. 

Discover your sand-fuelled personality at these diverse beaches in Dubai 

Secret Beach: Secret Beach, also known as Black Palace Beach, is a wonderful public beach in Dubai that is perfect for families, especially those with children. It is conveniently located between Dubai Media City and the royal summer palaces. The beach is an ideal way to for families to reconnect with their young toddlers. 

Secret beach

Location: 664M+42 – Jumeirah 2 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates 


  • Escape the crowds and unwind on the soft sands of Al Sufouh Beach. 
  • Capture stunning photos with the Burj Al Arab and Arabian Gulf as your backdrop. 
  • Ideal for families with shallow waters perfect for young explorers. 
  • Pack everything you need as this secluded beach has no amenities nearby. 
  • Immerse yourself in a peaceful seaside experience with only the waves for company. 

How to get there 

The beach at Al Sufouh is conveniently located and easily accessible by road via King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Street. If you’re taking the metro, the closest stations are Dubai Internet City and Mashreq.  

Jumeirah Beach: Jumeirah Beach is an amazing free beach in Dubai with plenty to explore and do. The white sandy beach stretches along the city’s coastal area and has many resorts and hotels close by.  If you’re looking for a place to escape stress and enjoy quality time with your loved ones, Jumeirah Beach is the perfect destination. It features stunning views and a seashore with a host of restaurants and shopping zones nearby. If you love soaking up the sun, you can unwind on the sand and imagine the beautiful blue sea while others take advantage of the many other activities the beach has to offer. 

Jumeirah Beach

How to get to Jumeirah Beach 

  • By Bus: Running on a budget? don’t worry! there are several public buses that cover the Jumeirah area. Simply ask you hotel concierge for the best route or from our recommendation consider taking a ferry to the Dubai Canal Marine Transport Station. 
  • By Car: Driving down the beach is also something to consider. Why? Imagine driving through all the skyscrapers and looking at them with awe.  Run down the Jumeirah Beach Road, which is closest to the coast and Al Wasl Road which is further inland. You’ll be able to spot most of Jumeirah’s sights either on these roads, or just a short distance away. 
  • By taxi: Taxis are a great way to get to and around Jumeirah and can generally drop you right at your destination.  

Free/Private: Jumeirah Beach is a free public beach in Dubai, although umbrellas and sun-loungers are to be rented for a fee. 


  • Stunning skyscrapers & luxury hotels next to a massive beach. 
  • Perfect for swimming, water sports, and sunbathing. 
  • Enjoy delicious food and drinks at nearby restaurants and bars. 
  • Explore history and culture at museums close to the beach. 
  • One of the night beaches in Dubai with bustling nightlife. 

Kite Beach: Kite Beach is one of the best beaches in Dubai and its lives’ up to its name. this beach, a haven for kitesurfers. Witness the colorful kites dancing in the sky or take lessons to learn this exhilarating sport yourself. Kite Beach also boasts a vibrant atmosphere with food trucks, beachfront shops, and volleyball courts. 

Kite Beach

Location: Umm Suqeim, just off Jumeirah Beach Road 

How to get to Kite Beach 

  • By Metro: Getting to Kite beach is as simple as 1,2,3. To get to the beach, simply take the Dubai Metro Red Line and get off at Mashreq Metro Station From there, head to the Mashreq Metro Bus Stop Landside and hop on line 81. 
  • By Bus: You’ll be happy to know that Kite Beach is easily accessible from the Manara and Enoc 1 and 2 bus stops, which are both served by bus line 81. It’s just a quick 5-minute walk from these stops to reach Kite Beach. 

Free/Private: Kite beach is a public beach in Dubai and can be accessed by anyone and any day at no cost. 


  • Kite Beach boasts a 14km track, perfect for joggers and walkers who enjoy coastal views. 
  • This night beach in Dubai is perfect to enjoy swimming thanks to floodlights and round-the-clock lifeguards. 
  • Kite Beach offers stunning views of the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah. 
  • Grab a casual bite or a popular lotus shake from the shops and food trucks lining the beach. 
  • Upgrade your beach experience with a day pass from SOLE MIO, which includes sun loungers and food delivery. 

Sunset Beach: Unwind and catch some waves at Sunset Beach. This serene stretch offers breathtaking views of the Burj Al Arab and the perfect spot to witness the mesmerizing Dubai sunsets. In case you want to try your hand at surfing in Dubai head to Surf House Dubai and rent a surfboard or a stand-up paddle board and hand with the surfers. If looking for an easy breezy time pack a picnic, relax on the soft sand, and soak in the view. 

Sunset Beach

Free/Private: This is a public beach; hence you are not required to pay any entry charges so make sure to make the most of sun, sand, and sea. 


  • Rent a surfboard or stand-up paddleboard from Surf House Dubai. 
  • Enjoy breathtaking views of the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah. 
  • Relax at the beach with organic coffee, yoga, workshops, and SUP meditation classes. 
  • Experience a welcoming surfer community with a laid-back beach town vibe. 

The Beach JBR: Nestled beside the lively JBR district, The Beach offers a vibrant beachside experience. Stroll along the promenade lined with cafes and restaurants, soak up the sun on the pristine sands, or enjoy a variety of water sports.  The Beach is also home to Ain Dubai, the world’s tallest Ferris wheel, offering breathtaking panoramic views. 

The Beach JBR

Location: The Walk – Jumeirah Beach Residence – Dubai – United Arab Emirates 


  • Relax on pristine sands next to world-class shopping at JBR. 
  • Enjoy cafes, play areas, and premium beach facilities. 
  • Skip the sand with beach cabanas, camel rides, or the offshore waterpark. 
  • Witness breathtaking views from Ain Dubai, the world’s largest observation wheel, nearby. 

How to get to Beach JBR 

  • By Metro: To get to JBR, you can take the Red Line train on the Dubai Metro and get off at either the Sobha Realty or DMCC metro station. Once you exit the station, head towards the pedestrian bridge that connects to Dubai Marina Mall. Cross the pedestrian bridge and follow the signs to JBR, which is just a short walk away. 
  • By Bus: The most common bus routes serving JBR are 8, 84 and F55. Alternatively, you can take the bus and get off at Jumeirah Beach Residence 1. You can reach JBR’s beach, gastronomy, or retail areas in just five minutes by foot.

Latest Posts

Dubai Islands Beach: Dubai Islands Beach, named after its burgeoning waterfront neighborhood, is emerging as the newest destination in the city for a rejuvenating swim and seaside entertainment. Situated off the coast of Deira, Dubai’s historic center, it stands out as the city’s inaugural fully pet-friendly beach, welcoming paw parents to bring their canine companions for a play date. 

Dubai Islands Beach

Location: Dubai Islands – Dubai – United Arab Emirates 


  • Soak up the sun on the latest beach destination in Dubai. 
  • Bring your furry friend for a swim or jog on the first dog-friendly beach in the city. 
  • Explore the coastline with non-motorized water sports like kayaking and paddleboarding offered by Blue Safari. 
  • Challenge your friends to a beach volleyball or football match on the soft sand. 
  • Relax and enjoy breathtaking panoramas of the Dubai skyline. 

Soaking up the sun on Dubai’s pristine beaches is just one facet of this incredible destination. Whether you crave relaxation, adventure, or a touch of luxury, Dubai’s expansive coastline offers something for everyone. From world-class facilities and water sports to family-friendly activities and scenic escapes, Dubai’s beaches are the perfect starting point for an unforgettable vacation. 

But remember, Dubai is a city that thrives on exploration.  Beyond the beach, venture into the desert, delve into the rich cultural heritage, or marvel at the architectural wonders.  Dubai awaits! 

Beaches in Dubai FAQS

What are the best public beaches in Dubai?

• Jumeirah Beach: Known for its soft white sand and clear waters, it’s one of the most popular beaches in Dubai. 
• Kite Beach: Ideal for water sports enthusiasts, especially kitesurfing, with plenty of food trucks and activities. 
• La Mer: A vibrant beach with a range of restaurants, shops, and water sports facilities. 
Sunset Beach (Umm Suqeim Beach): Perfect for a relaxed evening, offering stunning views of the Burj Al Arab. 

Are there any entry fees for public beaches in Dubai?

Most public beaches in Dubai are free to enter. However, some beaches may charge for certain facilities or activities. For instance, JBR (Jumeirah Beach Residence) is free, but renting sunbeds or umbrellas incurs a cost. 

What facilities are available at Dubai beaches?

Facilities vary by beach but generally include restrooms, showers, changing rooms, sunbed and umbrella rentals, and lifeguards. Many beaches also offer water sports rentals, cafes, and restaurants.

Are Dubai beaches safe for swimming?

Yes, Dubai beaches are generally safe for swimming, with designated swimming areas monitored by lifeguards. However, it’s important to pay attention to warning flags and signs indicating sea conditions. 

Can you drink alcohol on Dubai beaches?

Drinking alcohol on public beaches is not permitted. Alcohol can only be consumed in licensed beach clubs and resorts.