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Untouched Rajasthan

July 30, 2020
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Untouched Rajasthan
The untouched lands of Rajasthan tell the great tales of the yesteryears and are the true representation of India’s glorious past. The magical sand dunes of Rajasthan are capable of transporting you back in time, as the ‘Sands of Time.’ Rajasthan literally means ‘The Land of the Kings’ (Raja – King; Sthan – Place), and it is the embodiment of the rich cultural heritage of India. Rajasthan has all that a wanderer’s heart would want, the beautiful oceans of sand, royal palaces, impregnable forts, the Rajputana heritage, and its history of valor.
A true wanderer in spirit and heart would always want to take the road less traveled, to experience what is yet to be truly experienced. To cut off from the madness, the chaos, and the mundaneness of the usual. There are many such locations within Rajasthan that have been missed by the usual traveler’s eye and have been unfettered by time. These quaint towns and small villages too talk of the great culture and heritage of Rajasthan, just like Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, and many such others. Yet, these places have been able to preserve the essence of Rajasthan, which could be missing in those grand destinations. Let’s look at a few of these unspoiled, untouched and unfettered locations within Rajasthan, for your journey back in time.
A small 18th-century settlement in the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan, Mandawa is the place to have ‘The Haveli Experience.’ The town looks like an open art gallery, full of paved arcades and splendid Havelis and fortresses. The aura and ambiance of the small settlement reflect the heritage of Rajasthan from the bygone era. It was a stoppage point for merchants and traders transporting goods through the silk route, so you can imagine the amount of history this small town would have.
About 270 kms away and a comfortable 6 hours’ drive from New Delhi, Mandawa is truly a lost gem.
Khinwara is a small village in the Pali district, with a glorious palace that can make you experience the real heritage of 18th century royal Rajasthan. Thakur Jagat Singh, in the year 1777, was granted the Estate of Khinwara instead of Pali, which was confiscated from him. Not just the palace, but everything around will remind you how the Rajputana’s lived back in the days. One must visit Ghanerao National Park and the Charbhuja Vishnu temple.
About 180 kms away from Ajmer and about 130 kms away from Jodhpur, Khinwara can be easily accessed from any major city in Rajasthan.
In the lap of the Aravalis lies this small village of Kharwa, with a 500-year old majestic fort built by Maharaja Rao Sagat Singh Ji Kharwa. The village is perfect for people looking for a quiet weekend away from the hustles of the city. Spectacular views, astounding architecture, and lip-smacking Rajasthani cuisine are sure to delight all everyone’s senses. One can choose to go for desert safaris or bird watching too.
About 30 kms away from Ajmer and 36 kms from Pushkar, Kharwa is a perfect weekend getaway.
Nimaj is a quintessential village with the idyllic view of Chaatra Sagar. It is yet another small village with a temple, a palace, and an art gallery. The rulers of Nimaj were one of the ‘Sirayats’ of Marwar, and are known for their bravery and valor, which means there are great tales to be heard here. Nimaj is a complete rural experience, with perfect sunsets and sunrises.
Nimaj is about 107 kms from Jodhpur and 96 kms from Ajmer.
Unlike any other town in Rajasthan, Jhalawar is rocky but has a water-laden landscape. It is also a perfect place to experience Rajputana and Mughal architecture in their palaces and forts. When in Jhalawar, one must visit the Buddhist stupas and caves in a village nearby called Kolvi. One must also visit the site of the ancient city of Chandrawati, which was destroyed by Aurangzeb. Jhalawar is about 89 kms away from Kota and is everything that you would have never thought of Rajasthan.
These are some untouched places where anyone can experience Rajasthan for what it is and what it can be! The Royal Rajasthan!

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