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Solace, Sand, and Sunset in Boracay

November 17, 2020
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Solace, Sand, and Sunset in Boracay

I still can’t help myself from missing Boracay, a place where I always find my solace.

For the past few years, I’ve been going back and forth to this tiny paradise located in Aklan, together with my family and most of the time with my friends – to relax, drink and swim away from the stress that we’ve been facing every day while we are at work in Manila.

Some people might ask, what makes Boracay one of the best tourist destinations in the Philippines? Why do people love going there? What makes it different from the other beaches in Southern Luzon or Palawan? Whenever I encounter these questions, I am always ready to share my own experience, perfectly written between the lines in my mind.

Imagine the excitement of going to the airport for your early morning flight, riding the 45-minute airplane ride, arriving in Caticlan while the sun is already up, and being transferred to the port where you will ride the boat that will bring you to the island of Boracay. Just from riding the boat, the feeling of fresh air and ocean waves welcomes you already.

Upon reaching the white beach, one thing you’ll say to yourself would be, “Wow.” Who will not be wowed by the fine, white sand all over the place? The hospitality of the locals and businessmen within the island offers a variety of food to tourists. Name it, and they have it.

Whether you stay in a transient inn or a 5-star hotel in Boracay, nothing is different because you can experience the place's serenity. You have access to different water activities, and most people always wait to watch the sunset.

This COVID-19 pandemic indeed surprised everyone; it made the world stop. For me, it took away our only means of getting away from the harshness of the world we are living in, and that is to TRAVEL. To travel safely, travel without the fear of getting sick, and travel without wearing face masks.

As of now, Boracay's borders have opened already, but the thrill just does not feel the same anymore. I know that everyone has been waiting for the pandemic to be over, to be able to travel freely again. Boracay will always be my place of relief, and now, I am also considering it as a place of hope.

Enthusiastic to be back to my favorite place very soon. Boracay, my second home.

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Claire Marie Delfino