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Shopping in Paris

April 05, 2022
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The City of Light, Paris, is a dream destination for most people in the world. This is the city that evokes romance, elaborate patisseries, gourmet food, breath-taking fragrances, and more. Most famous of them all is the fact that Paris is known for its fashion icons. This city has given birth to styles that have swayed the world. This is the city that has dominated the red carpets with the help of its couture and creativity. And this city is impossible to explore without shelling out a few euros for shopping in Paris. 

Shopping in Paris

What Kind of Shoppers Would You Find in Paris?

Most people think that luxury shopping in Paris is the most coveted form of shopping. It is undoubtedly true because you will come across most of the finest designers in the world tucked away behind the paved streets. In fact, there are even some extraordinary designers in Paris that only fashionistas can keep track of. Thus, if you are the kind of person who stays on his or her toes and worships luxury fashion, Paris is the place for you. 

Paris has various streets – from luxury shopping to discounted designer brands to trendy street fashion. No matter your shopping style, you will find some assets in these iconic shopping destinations in Paris. On the other hand, the city does not disappoint those people who want to dress in style and smell fantastic without burning a hole in their wallets. 

Paris has various streets

Avenue Montaigne and Avenue des Champ Elysees: If you want to get a good look at designer stores and munch on nibbles and sip through mocktails while splurging in a shopping spree, Avenue Montaigne and Avenue des Champ Elysees are the two streets to spend your day at. These streets house some of the finest designers in the country, including Dior, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton. You will be able to shop for the limited collection of boutique clothing and accessories at ease here. 

If you want some trendy street fashion, the extravagant store of Zara, the global fashion chain, will surely get your spirits high. If you are travelling with your kids, be ready to shell out some money at the Disney store that houses innumerable toys, clothes, and accessories to mix and match their daily kids’ fashion. 


St-Germain-des-Pres: Not all tourists like to shop for fashion apparel and accessories. Many people prefer a vintage touch and enjoy shopping for rare collections. If you are that person, visiting St-Germain-des-Paris is a must. This street houses some of the finest bookstores and furnishing shops that will surely grab your attention. You can grab a rare copy of a book you have been wanting to read and enjoy eating at a local heritage café on a sunny day. You can also shop for home furnishings and classic, vintage designs to commemorate your visit to Paris while collecting unique French souvenirs for your relatives and friends. 


Saint-Ouen Flea Market: The wait is over as we introduce a place where you can shop till you drop. Yes, we are talking about the most famous flea market in Paris, the Saint-Ouen Flea Market. This place will be able to offer you some vintage designer clothes at discounted prices and fill your bags with exemplary and unique items ranging from accessories to furnishings to cutlery and more. If you want to experience what it feels like to grab and buy in the crowd before your unique piece of art is gone, you should surely experience what shopping in one of the best flea markets in the world looks like. 

Saint-Ouen Flea Market

This brings us to the end of our discussion, where we try to inspire you to look for unique products in Paris to bring back home. Shopping in Paris is definitely an experience worth remembering. The paved streets, the city lights, the vintage outdoor cafes, and the glorious view of the Eiffel Tower will captivate your heart and make you cherish your vacation for an eternity. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Paris known for?

A1. Famous monuments, the arts, cuisine and shopping avenues are some of the fine things that Paris is well known for.

Q2. Best time to visit Paris?

A2. Paris is great when the temperature is warm i.e. between the months of October and April.

Q3. What are the famous delicacies of Paris?

A3. Food like the baguette, Cheeses from the Paris region, the Opéra, the croissant, and the croque-monsieur are well-known delicacies of Paris and can easily be found here.

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