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Top Things To Do For Recreation For Senior Couples In Dubai

February 18, 2021
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Dubai is one of the most favoured destinations in the world when it comes to travelling with family and friends. This city has dynamic activities that are suited for youngsters who are looking for adventure. At the same time, the city has guided tours and mild recreation for the elderly. The activities can include those requiring basic physical fitness or just casual strolls. In short, the recreational activities are so designed that no matter how old the visitors are, they can still get the best out of their tour. Thus, if you are a senior couple and you would like to spend some days vacationing in Dubai, you can contact agencies for guided tours. Otherwise, you can also take a look at some of these recreations and plan your trip in a way that you can enjoy them all. 

Recreation For Senior Couples In Dubai

Fun Activities for Senior Couples in Dubai

1. Candlelight Dinner in a Private Yacht

Dubai is famous for indulging in luxurious activities. When it comes to luxury by the beach, we do think of renting a private yacht and setting out on sail. And, the idea of this ride being accompanied by a romantic candlelight dinner is truly lavish. This is an activity that is available every evening at Creek Park. It is recommended that you book in advance and discuss the menu and wine before making the payment. This yacht ride is going to be very romantic. You will love the view of the city of Dubai from a different perspective. You will also get to enjoy looking at some of the best man-made structures in Dubai along with the musical fountain shows. 

2. Enjoy at Bollywood Park in Dubai

Bollywood Park is the only park in the world that is constructed to pay homage to the talent Bollywood has showcased to the world. This park has a theatre where you can view the most popular Bollywood movies of all time. You can also enjoy walking down the sets of movies like Lagaan, Don, etc. A park that is known for its glamour will surely tingle the taste buds of the visitors. At Bollywood Park, you can try different street food items like you are walking on the streets of Mumbai. You will also get restaurants that serve authentic Indian food. Make sure you have your lunch there while watching a live show of scenes being enacted from popular Bollywood movies. 

3. Sunbathe in Jumeirah Beach

Dubai has plenty of beaches to entertain the guests. Of them, Jumeirah Beach is the most popular one. This beach has many shaded spots with cozy chairs that can be rented at affordable prices. Senior couples enjoy sitting there for hours on a lazy afternoon. There are food kiosks and bars located on the beach itself. You can order finger food or have lunch while watching children playing with sand or teenagers enjoying surfing. You can also sip your favourite cocktail while watching locals competing with each other in a game of beach volleyball. 

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4. Enjoy Hi-Tea at Burj Khalifa

You do not get to visit the tallest building in the world every day. Consequently, you do not get to enjoy a steaming cup of tea or coffee at the restaurant in the building every day. If you haven’t already guessed, we recommend you to visit At.mosphere, the café in Burj Khalifa. This café is surrounded by glass panes that offer spectacular views. Book your table in advance and request to be seated by the window pane to enjoy the majestic views while gorging on light snacks with your beverage. This is a luxurious experience that you should not miss in Dubai. 

5. Places to visit in Dubai

Dubai Frame: Among the most popular attractions in Dubai, Dubai Frame is a fascinating 150 meters long structure. It is an architectural structure that depicts the contrast between the old and new Dubai. It is easily accessible for elderly couples and provides all kinds of comfort including elevators, air conditioning, and wheelchair assistance.

Dubai Miracle Garden: The garden spans over 72000 square meters and is known for its elaborate displays of natural flowers and plants. The garden offers a tranquil and peaceful environment to its visitors. The elderlies seem to enjoy it for its accessibility and well-maintained walkways and shaded seating areas.

Dubai Museum: The museum is known to exhibit Dubai’s history, culture, and development. Elderly couples must visit the museum to have an educational and engaging experience of the city’s past.

Dubai is a city that has been developed keeping in mind that people from different age groups require equal attention. For senior couples, the city offers plenty of recreation so that they can make memories during their vacation. There are several tourist agencies in Dubai that offer guided tours to senior couples and take responsibility for showing the entire city to them. These trips are usually done in groups and are quite affordable. Thus, do not hesitate to plan your trip based on your convenience to enjoy Dubai to the fullest and recreational activities.

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Recreation For Senior Couples In Dubai FAQs

Q1. Do we need to reserve a table in advance at At.Mosphere?

A1. Yes, you need to make a reservation online to dine at the At.Mosphere restaurant.

Q2. What are some of the free places to visit in Dubai?

A2. There are various places you can enjoy in Dubai without paying anything. Jumeirah Beach, Dubai Creek Broadwalk, and Ripe Market are a few of the most famous places.

Q3. What is the best time to visit Dubai?

A3. If you are planning to visit Dubai, the winter months from November to March will be most suitable for you.

Q4. How should elderly couples get around Dubai?

A4. Dubai Metro and taxis are readily available and affordable.

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