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Mask Something that hides but also communicates

September 18, 2020
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Mask Something that hides but also communicates

We expected 2020 to be filled with ideas from the aspiring minds, which includes reverberation in technology, flying cars, startling fashion, and so much more. But we got a pandemic that has changed our lifestyle and forced the people to stay indoors in order to maintain social distancing. Our prevailing fashion has changed and is still in the process of further changes in order to prevent ourselves from the deadly novel coronavirus. In the process of curbing the proliferation of COVID -19, masks, which, as a product, have played a vital role, have proved to be a necessity. It has grabbed a lot of attention, apparently due to the ongoing pandemic situation.

The mask used to have the reputation of being a clinical product for the people in the medical field. But now, due to the sudden outburst of the environmental & health crisis across the world, our perception has moved in a different direction lately. Witnessing the trepidation that there would be a shortage of masks, the fashion industry has joined hands in a tremendous contribution. Many popular and magnificent brands in the fashion sector like Chanel, Prada, Zara, Louis Vuitton, and Fendi have recently started their production in making masks to help the community of our solely dedicated health workers and the affected people. Louis Vuitton has recently released a PPE face shield worth $961. Too High!

This Pandemic has actually inculcated innovation and uniqueness among the people and has eventually turned face - masks from just one-dimensional protective equipment into an accessory in order to showcase fashion trends.  The face mask cannot be considered as just an accessory to be used to protect ourselves but being used as a statement of trending fashion.

The latest fashion trends with respect to masks include - bright colored masks, embellished masks, designer masks. Even all those Brides and Grooms who are taking vows together in this pandemic situation are setting new statements of fashion by wearing twinning masks. Isn’t it cute? Yes, of course. And the latest and the most likely looking trend that has come into play into Indian shores is the Face Printed Masks. Yes! You heard it right. These masks come with customized pictures of ourselves. These have the picture to be printed of the person who is wearing the same, which eventually creates the ease of recognition and also adds a customized and personalized touch to the hygienic accessory. 

The visual appearance is playing a major role in enhancing the production and marketing of the product as such appearances are making it less mundane and tedious, which eventually is attracting not only the youth but every single person. If the engagement of hygiene, safety, and fashion continues, it will, for sure, contribute to the pursuit of excellence in the project projections of the market of manufacturers and retailers. Therefore, changing our way to view the masks.

Akshita Sharma