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Head to these Romantic Spots in Dubai

February 18, 2021
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Dubai is a desert city that has developed tourism over the years. At present, this city is one of the most coveted destinations among travellers who are looking forward to taking a break from life. Why would Dubai not be so popular? With the blue sea caressing the eyes, the warmth of the golden desert making people feel adventurous and the advanced technology improving lifestyle, people always prefer Dubai for vacationing. When it comes to vacationing, an important section of travellers, the newly married couples, do not back away from spicing up their honeymoon by visiting Dubai. For these newlywed lovers, Dubai has plenty of tourist spots that are secluded from the business of the city. These places are ideal for honeymoon couples to spend some time with each other. 

Experience Love Anew in Bastakia: Every modern city has a rich historical past. Dubai is not an exception in this case. If you head to Bastakia, you will be overwhelmed to get a peek into the olden days of Dubai. This quarter of the city is located very close to the creek and was built by wealthy Persian traders who wanted to use the creek to their advantage. The architecture in this part of the city is from the Gulf regions with limestone and coral being the two main substances used. People visit this region built in the 19th century to take a look at the wind towers upfront. These wind towers used to serve as an air conditioning system in the past and keep the buildings comparatively cooler even today. The streets will transport you to a whole new world and give you the real taste of walking down the past.

Get Clicked inside Dubai Frame: You must be framing your wedding photos so that you can celebrate your union through marriage. Now how about getting framed in real life? Visit the Dubai Frame if you haven’t already. This is a gigantic frame that is quite difficult to capture if not clicked from the right angle. Make your honeymoon special by visiting this structure and immersing in its grandeur. Walk into the museum that displays various artifacts and narrates the history of Dubai. Escalate to the Sky Deck and experience the contrast between Old Dubai and Modern Dubai from the higher altitude. Fall in love with the city as you have fallen in love with each other.

Connect with the Marine Life at Dubai Aquarium: Dubai is famous for housing one of the best aquariums in the world. The aquarium in Dubai can be viewed in different ways. If you want privacy and you are not interested in feeling the adrenaline rush, you can choose to find your way down the tunnels and meet interesting sea creatures on your way. Otherwise, if you are up for a different experience altogether, you can opt for snorkeling, underwater diving, boating and more. The aquarium will amaze the two of you and bring you close together. 

Offer Your Prayers at the Jumeirah Mosque: Dubai has many beautiful architectural points. Of them, Jumeirah Mosque deserves special mention. This mosque was designed keeping in mind the architecture of the Al-Azhar Mosque in Cairo, Egypt. Jumeirah Mosque can be considered as an exact replica of the Al-Azhar Mosque but the only difference is the size. The mosque has beautiful carvings and ornate designs bringing out the Islamic culture. This mosque is open to tourists who want to offer their prayers to Allah. As a couple, you can pray together and wish for lifelong togetherness as the abode of the Almighty.

The happening city of Dubai is not always bustling with people. Keeping track of the best places to visit in Dubai is recommended. What is even more important is to keep track of romantic places to visit if you head out for your honeymoon because  Dubai has plenty of tourist spots ideal for honeymoon couples to spend some time with each other. . Take your spouse to these amazing tourist spots in Dubai and spend some time together in privacy. Experience Dubai in a different way by celebrating love at every step.

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