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Feel the Adrenaline Rush in Dubai as a Female Solo Traveller

February 18, 2021
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Dubai is the city that has plenty in store for its tourists. From high-end architecture that is sure to make you crane your neck to delicious food, Dubai is a haven for all travellers. Of all things Dubai has to offer, the most remarkable ones are the different adventure sports that Dubai has in store. This city is packed with travel enthusiasts who are looking for adventure in the sandy dunes or just a scary swim with the sharks. And, the best part is that the city is very safe for female adventurers who are travelling solo. Thus, take a look at what you can try as a female solo traveler during your trip to Dubai. 

Feel the Adrenaline Rush in Dubai as a Female Solo Traveller

Slide Down the Sand Dunes while Sand Boarding: Dubai is a city that has developed in the heart of the desert. Naturally, desert sport is one of the biggest attractions that Dubai has to offer. Of the various tricks and plays, sand boarding is very popular. This sport is similar to snowboarding except that the base on which you will glide down is sandy. Sand boarding down the high dunes offers a thrilling experience that will make your heart beat faster in joy. Riding down the highest of the sand dunes, Al Hamer, is a little risky though. This is because you can end up sliding on your back down this 100-metre high dune if you are not steady on the board!

View Dubai from the Sky as You Indulge in Skydiving: Dubai is known to have a beautiful landscape that is not limited to the plain land. The waters too have mesmerizing structures that look brilliant from above. While photographs offer a soothing view of the city from the birds’ eye view, experiencing this same view with a beating heart must not be missed. Yes, sky diving in Dubai offers the chance to take a good look at Dubai and feel the wind of the desert land as you plunge towards the earth from a height of 13000 feet. 

Shun Your Fear and Swim with the Sharks: Swimming with creatures like sharks can be unimaginable. The fear of being bitten down and being swallowed in bits and pieces can be so much that people often do not imagine trying this out. We agree that swimming with sharks can be scary. However, in Dubai, it is an adventure sport that is carried out under the supervision of trained experts with full protection. This time, if you plan to erase your fears and swim in a locked cage with sharks swimming near you, don’t forget to book your slot in advance. This sounds like a crazy sport but it is an experience of a lifetime. 

Race Down the Longest Straight Circuit: As soon as you land in Dubai, you will get to see plenty of sports cars whizzing by you in different directions. And, you will surely want to sit behind the wheels, take control of the vehicle, and race till you win. While the roads may not offer that luxury, the longest straight circuit in the world that is located in Dubai is ideal for enjoying the thrill of racing. However, make sure you are at least 21 years of age and have an international driving license to avoid any kind of hassle. 

The list of adventure sports that you can pursue in Dubai is not going to come to an end. With the city developing day by day and tourism becoming ideal for female solo travelers as well, the demand for adventure sport is increasing. Newer technologies and gadgets are being used to entertain travellers keeping full safety in mind. Moreover, the activities that are being offered are affordable nowadays owing to the high demand. Hence, if you plan to travel solo as a female, you know what you can’t miss out on if you want to feel your blood boiling in excitement or feel the adrenaline rush.

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