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Dubai Miracle Garden: All You Need To Know Before Your Visit

May 18, 2022
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The Miracle Garden, located in Dubai land near the Arabian Ranchesa, debuted on Valentine's Day 2013 and is a natural oasis in the desert. With its 72,000-square-foot surface, the Dubai Miracle Garden is the world's biggest floral garden, with over 45 million different varieties of flowers making some of the most inventive compositions ever. Floral hearts, stars, igloos, pyramids, and other forms are among the possibilities for the installations.

Dubai Miracle Garden: All You Need To Know Before Your Visit

This exquisite garden is a veritable kaleidoscope of hues, adding to Dubai's image of breathtaking cityscapes, skyscrapers, luxurious hotels, and world-class attractions.

This attraction adds to this, becoming even more exciting and inventive with the "drop" watering system, a technical marvel made possible by sophisticated wastewater recycling that eliminates evaporation and saves up to 75% water and energy—an oasis in the desert with significant ecological and long-term importance.

Dubai Miracle Garden

The garden covered 21,000 square meters when it first opened, but after four months of construction, the second phase of the project resulted in the addition of new attractions. The Miracle Garden now boasts a large parking lot, two mosques (one for men and one for women), retail malls, other hospitality facilities, and additional floral installations, including a unique "butterfly garden."

With the butterfly garden, which opened on March 24, 2015, Dubai aimed to set yet another record: they wanted to create the world's largest butterfly garden. 26 distinct kinds of butterflies are housed in ten cupolas of climate-controlled glass that flutter across the domes above guests, giving them a delightful impression of being immersed in nature without disturbing one another. A complete lifetime of butterflies and their astonishing metamorphosis may be found.

That's not all, though. The floral wall, which extends half a mile in circumference and is on the list of contenders for the Guinness Book of World Records for the world's longest flower wall, is another famous sight.

Another marvel of this garden is how it is constantly changing. The floral creations are renewed with each change of season, providing guests with a unique experience each time they visit.

You must see this garden to appreciate why it was given the moniker Miracle Garden truly. It is, without a doubt, a natural wonder.

General Information

Dubai Miracle Garden Timings: 10.00 am – 10.00 pm

Dubai Miracle Garden Location: Street 3 - Al Barsha - Al Barsha South - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Dubai Miracle Garden Ticket Price: 55 – 100 AED

Points of Interest in Dubai Miracle Garden

Miracle Garden is a wonderland in the true essence. The garden houses some of the best masterpiece made up of flowers, leaves, and plants. The garden showcases a large teddy bear, sunflower field, umbrella tunnel among many other attractions.

1. Teddy Bear in Miracle Garden

Teddy Bear in Miracle Garden

It is one of a kind flower structure in the miracle garden and also one that a traveler should not miss. This giant floral structure in the Miracle Garden is the shape of a cuddly bear holding a giant red heart. This structure is also the primary and sixth sense of the garden.

2. Emirates A380 in Miracle Garden

Emirates A380 in Miracle Garden

Emirates A380 is the world's most significant floral installation, with 500,000 living blooms and plants. This structure is the best example of sustainable development, designed using recycled material and a drip water system to keep the plants irrigated.

3. Sunflower Field in Miracle Garden

Sunflower Field in Miracle Garden

These flowers are the tallest and biggest flowers in the garden. This field has hundreds and thousands of sunflowers that shine virtuously in the Dubai sun.

4. Umbrella Tunnel in Miracle Garden

Umbrella Tunnel in Miracle Garden

Enjoy snacks or a meal in this tunnel at Miracle Garden with your friends, family, or partner. This is one of the most creative sites inside the garden. It features upturned umbrellas with flowers in them, forming a mind-blowing passage

5. Heart Tunnel in Miracle Garden

Heart Tunnel in Miracle Garden

This structure is perfect for you and your partner to feel love is in the air. This heart shape passage is formed with beautiful and colorful flowers. This tunnel combines the most colorful flowers and is also the most incredible/healing experience in the garden.

How to reach Dubai Miracle Garden?

How to reach Dubai Miracle Garden

From Airport to Dubai Miracle Garden

By Metro: To take the metro, you must first get to Airport Terminal 3. After every 10 minutes, you'll have Redline. Get off at First Gulf Bank Metro Station once you've boarded. You will arrive at First Gulf Bank in about 33 minutes. Hire a cab to take you directly to Miracle Garden from First Gulf Bank.

Your travel from First Gulf Bank to your ultimate location will take around 13 minutes. You'll be paying 600 to 700 INR for each person. Alternatively, you may take the Redline from Terminal 3 and get out at the Mall of Emirates metro station. Within 35 metres, you will be in the Mall of Emirates.

Hire a cab to take you to the entrance of Dubai Miracle Garden after you arrive at the Mall of the Emirates. It will take you around 13 minutes to get between these two stations. On average, you will pay between 30 AED – 40 AED.

By Line 11 Sky Bus: A-Line 11 Sky Bus may be taken from Dubai International Airport. These buses run every ten minutes and will drop you off at the Ramada Chelsea Hotel. You may book a cab to take you to Dubai Miracle Garden after arriving at Ramada Chelsea Hotel. The total cost of your travel would be between 36 AED – 45 AED INR per person.

By Taxi: If you have luggage to transport or travel to a party of more than two individuals, hiring a direct cab is always an excellent idea. The cost of a one-way ticket from Dubai International Airport to Dubai Miracle Garden is between 80 AED to 100 AED.

From Abu Dhabi to Dubai Miracle Garden

By Bus: From Abu Dhabi's Central Bus Station, take a Dubai RTA Bus E101. This bus will take you to the Ibn Battuta Metro Bus Station in Ibn Battuta. You can travel to the Miracle Garden by hailing a cab after you've arrived.

By Cab: Between Abu Dhabi to Dubai Miracle Garden, vehicle services are offered continually.

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Best time to Visit Dubai Miracle Garden

Best time to Visit Dubai Miracle Garden

Like every other country, Dubai also has winters; it's not all sunny. From November to March, the country has its winter season, and this is the best time to visit Dubai Miracle Garden.

Dubai Miracle Garden Opening time: 10.00 am

Try to reach the garden at its opening time because it will be less crowded than in the evening, and you will be able to get some great shots.

The Dubai Miracle Garden is a must-see attraction for anybody visiting Dubai. Who wouldn't want to be surrounded by 150 million flowers? During your stay, be sure to stop by the garden.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is it allowed to bring food from outside?

A1. No, food and beverages from outside are not allowed.

Q2. How long does it take to go through Miracle Garden?

A2. If appropriately explored, you can complete the entire visit in 3 to 4 hours.

Q3. How many flowers are there in Dubai Miracle Garden?

A3. There are more than 150 million flowers in Dubai Miracle Garden.

Q4. Is Dubai Miracle Garden open all year?

A4. With the onset of winters, Miracle Garden opens for the visitors. You can always check the website or social media for opening and closing dates.

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