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Cyber Security

July 24, 2020
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We Know That Today In Every Steps, Cyber Security Is Very Important For All The Fields.  The Internet In India Is Growing Rapidly. It Has Lead To The Rise In New Opportunities In Every Field. Be It Entertainment, Business, Sports, or Education.

There Are Two Sides Of A Coin. Likewise, Internet Also Has Its Own Disadvantages That Is Cyber Crime (Illegal Activities Committed On The Internet). So, All The People Have To Think How To Understand What Is The Cyber Security So, I Will Try To Explain Some Points.

What Is The Need Of Cyber Security?

What Are The Security Problems In Cyber Fields?

How To Implement And Maintain The Security Of A Cyber Field Around Us.

So, Above Are Some Questions To Understand Cyber Security.

Need for Cyber Security:  We Know That We All Are Using Internet Banking and Mobile Banking. So, We Create A Password With Differences Accordingly. Sometimes We Receive Some Mails And Calls And Text Messages As A Spam When We Never Call Before And Not Share Our Number For Any Not Known Person But Still We Receive Their Calls And Messages. So, That's Why We Need Cyber Security.  

Cyber Security Is Necessary As It Helps In Securing Data From Cyber Threats Such As Data Theft, Also Safeguards Your System From Viruses.

So, Some Are The Major Security Problems We Face Now-A-Days In Every Field. So, Below Are The Four Major Security Problems:

  • Virus 
  • Hacker 
  • Malware 
  • Password Cracking
A Virus Is A “Program That Is Loaded Into Your Computer Without Your Knowledge And Runs Against Your Wishes.” We Allow Viruses To Enter Our Systems When We Click On Bad Links, Unauthorized Links, And Using Old System. 

Solution: We Know If We Face Many Problems In Our Lives And Then God Gives US Solutions For Every Problem. So, Install A Security Suite That Protects The Computer Against Threats Such As Viruses And Threats & Keep Them Updated Always.

A Hacker Is a Person Who Accesses Computers, Usually By Gaining Access To Administrative Controls. Hacking Refers To Activities That Seek To Compromise Digital Devices, Such As Computers, Smartphones, Tablets, And Even Entire Networks.

There Are Three Types Of Hackers. 
  • White Hat Hackers 
  • Grey Hat Hackers
  • Black Hat Hackers
White Hat Hackers: These Hackers Also Known As Ethical Hackers Also This Type Of Hackers Doing There Hacking Knowledge For Legal Work. Government Also Can Use This Type Of Hackers.

Grey Hat Hackers: This Type Of Hackers Hack, The System Without Permission Of Administrator. After If Any Issue In System Then They Inform To Administrator And Take Money For This Work.

Black Hat Hackers: This Type Of Hackers Hack The System For Illegal Work This Hackers Motive Is Loss The Company System.

Above Three Types Of Hackers, I Give One Example To Understand Easily. 

A Soldier Standing On A Border Knows How To Use R45 And A Terrorist Knows How To Use R45 But Difference In Between Both One Is Use For Good Work, And One Is Use For Bad Work. So, This Are The Difference Between Black Hat Hackers And White Hat Hackers Both Are Known As Hacking But One Uses Their Knowledge For Good Work And One Uses For Bad Work.

How To Prevent Hacking
It May Be Possible To Prevent Computer Hacking With Effective Security Controls Including Strong Passwords, And The Use Of Firewalls Can Help.

The Word "Malware" Comes From The Term "Malicious Software.“

Malware Is Any Software That Infects and Damages a Computer System. Types Of Malware Can Include Computer Viruses, Worms, and Spyware.

To Stop Malware
Download An Anti-Malware Program That Also Helps Prevent Infections. (Malware Bytes, Anti-Malware, Avant, Antivirus). Activate Network Threat Protection, Firewall, And Antivirus.

Password Cracking 
Password Attacks Are Attacks By Hackers That Are Able To Determine Passwords Or Find Passwords To Different Protected Electronic Areas And Social Network Sites.

Most Use Systems For Password Cracking By Mathematical Calculations, Algorithms, And Encrypted Password.
Securing Password
  • Always Use Strong Password.
  • Never Use the Same Password For Two Different Sites.
Cyber Security Tips That Everyone Should Know 
  • Protect Your Data.
  • Avoid Pop-Ups, Unknown Emails, And Links.
  • Use Strong Password Protection And Authentication.
  • Connect To Secure Wi-Fi Network.
  • Enable Firewall Protection.
  • Invest In Security Systems.
  • Install Security Software Updates And Back Up Your Files.
  • Talk to Your IT Department.
  • Embrace Education And Training.
So, This All about Cyber Security. Also It Helps To Increase Knowledge Of Cyber Security.


Disha Patel