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Best Food Tours in Turkey

March 24, 2022
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It is rightly said that the way to a person's heart is through his or her stomach. Thus, if you genuinely want to fall in love with the country during your trip to Turkey, satiating your hunger with Turkey's typical and traditional cuisines is a must. If you visit the city of Istanbul, you will be greeted by several destinations and groups that conduct food tours in Istanbul, Turkey. In fact, the choices would be so varied that you will not know where to begin.

Best Food Tours in Turkey

The Best Food Tour in Turkey: When you visit a country, the best way to associate with the authentic culture is by gorging on exclusive and traditional cuisines. In this respect, Turkey will not disappoint you. Many traditional food items in Turkish cuisine will also be able to trigger your taste palette. Let us take a look at a few items that you must taste during your stay in Turkey.

The Best Food Tour in Turkey

Baklava: If you are the kind of person who cannot stay away from experiencing the joy of indulging in something sweet, this traditional pastry from Turkey will surely grab your attention. Baklava is a recipe that has been perfected for centuries and passed down from one generation to another. In the present times, the heritage bakeries in Turkey spend hours making the baklava dough, preparing the dry fruits stuffing, and getting the sweet syrup on point to fold into the layers of the pastry. It is a delectable food item that tastes heavenly, especially when freshly baked.


Kofte: If you think meatballs are overrated or if you are in love with meatballs, wait till you have the Turkish version. Kofte is usually made of ground beef or lamb and made into moderate-sized meatballs. The authentic form of enjoying kofte is with yoghurt, pita bread, and salad. However, a relatively common form of enjoying kofte is relishing the original and rich stewed form with any bread of your choice.

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Lahmacun: It is known that different foods have evolved all over the world in different ways. One such food item in Turkey is lahmacun, which is now popularly known as Turkish pizza. This dish has hand-tossed bread topped with minced meat as toppings. Often, the meat is accompanied by salad and drizzled with a hint of lime to enhance the Mediterranean flavours. The Turkish households enjoy this as a homely dish that can be pulled apart like a pizza or even folded or wrapped to experience Turkey's culture. Adana Kebab: Turkey is the country that has introduced Adana kebab or seekh kebab as a delicacy to the world. Thus, as a visitor, you cannot leave out the opportunity of enjoying this authentic delicacy on the streets of Turkey or in any fine dining restaurant. Wrapped around sticks and baked in charcoal, these kebabs are best enjoyed when made with lamb. Alternatives with chicken and fish are popular as well.


Doner: If you think your local subway makes excellent subs, you have not tried doner in Turkey yet. Doner is an authentic street food dish made like a sub using pita bread in Turkey. The pita bread is stuffed with meat cooked in rotisseries, fresh vegetables, and authentic Turkey dips and dressing. The best kind of sub is the meaty version made of beef, lamb, or chicken. However, there are vegan options available as well that you can enjoy savoring.


Pilav: Pilaf or pilav is the Turkish way of making pulao using various ingredients. Usually, this dish has rice cooked in water and then tossed in butter or vegetable oil along with vegetables, liver strips, and meat chunks. This is an exquisite dish that can be had on its own but is best enjoyed with any spicy kofte.


Are you feeling hungry after going through these food items? If reading about them makes you hungry, we wonder what their intoxicating aroma will do to you on your visit to Turkey. Thus, you must surely book a food tour in Istanbul to enjoy these authentic Turkish delights at the heritage restaurants and food places during your vacation in Turkey.

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