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Adventure In Qatar: 7 Experiences You Must Try

May 08, 2023
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Encapsulating the stunning contradictory beauty of beaches and deserts, Qatar is a playground of fantastic adventures. This underrated travel destination of the Middle East hides some of the most thrilling and daring activities only adrenaline junkies can afford to try.

Adventure In Qatar

If you also wish to get the taste of adventure in Qatar, here is the perfect list for your next trip. From water sports to desert activities, we have scoured the best of adventure in Qatar. Let’s begin.

1. Dune Bashing

Dune Bashing

When it comes to dune bashing, Qatar will certainly give you an experience of a lifetime. All you need to do is hop on in an SUV and go crazy in the desert. The car will drive over huge dunes roaring with speed and thrill. However, rest assured since these cars are driven by experienced and professional drivers. Also, there is proper safety equipment installed especially for dune bashing.

As for where to do dune bashing in Qatar, Khawr al Udayd is the most popular spot. It has the large sand dunes and is even called the "Inland Sea", and hence, the most thrill. You can book the dune bashing from any of the tourist companies. Some even offer packages that also include camel ride in Qatar.

• Price: Rs. 6,000-8,000

• Hours: 4-5 hours

2. Desert Safari

Desert Safari

No trip to the Middle East is complete without a proper desert safari. Qatar is especially known for its desert safaris that take you on a long tour wherein you don’t just get the chance to witness golden dunes but also explore nearby villages and archaeological sites.

Sealine desert safari in Qatar is the most famous as you begin the tour by reaching the Sealine beach – located 75 km to the south of Doha. From here, the desert safari will take you to the the inland sea i.e., Khor al-Udaid. Typically, dune bashing is a part of desert safari in Qatar. So, you will get to experience it all.

• Price: Rs. 6,000-9,000

• Hours: 4-5 hours

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3. Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is another adventure activity in Qatar that could take your trip to another level. In fact, many water sports lovers especially visit the warm waters of Qatar to explore the unique marine life. There’s also an artificial site near Katara Beach which has been created to provide a real-life diving scene.

A few other popular spots for scuba diving in Qatar are neighbouring Zeytuna Reef and Othman Reef. For the best experience, you can also just contact the scuba diving tour operators and have a pleasant experience under experts’ supervision.

• Price: Rs. 10,000-14,000

• Hours: 2 hours

4. Speed Boating

 Speed Boating

Apart from scuba diving in Qatar, tourists also enjoy the blue waters with speed boating. In Qatar, there are plenty of tour operators that offer guided speed boating tours with packages that also include water-skiing or jet skiing. You can also do speed boating fishing and catch local fishes like hamour, kingfish, spangled emperor, sea bream, twobar, sole, and snapper. The best part? You get to take the fish home.

If you wish to do speed boating in Qatar, we suggest you go for a trip near Corniche Bay as you can also admire West Bay’s beautiful skyline or even stop by Al Safliya island for a swim in the clear waters.

• Price: Varies on the tour package

• Hours: 1-2 hours

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5. Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

After beaches and deserts, it is time to indulge in some climbing. Rock climbing is also one of the best ways to enhance the adventure in Qatar. This way you can test your stamina and upper body strength.

And since it’s a popular activity, there are several places where you can do rock climbing in Qatar. The best one is ESQALAR Sports. It was opened in 2018 and since then has become the go-to spot for rock climbers. Along with this, you can also visit Doha Quest and Snow Dunes.

• Price: Rs. 3,000

• Hours: 1 hour

6. Skydiving


Let’s go a bit higher in terms of Arabian adventures Qatar. Those who love heights or just are adventurous enough to jump out of an aircraft at 13,000 feet should try skydiving in Qatar. You will just need to go through a basic training and physical test to be eligible for the sport.

Once you plummet towards the ground, you will feel the total free fall. Don’t worry, it will all be done under experts’ supervision. The tour operators will also provide you with souvenir videos and photos at an additional fee.

• Price: Rs. 30,000- 60,000

• Hours: 7-8 minutes

7. Paratriking


Another thrilling adventure in Qatar that takes you up in the sky is paratriking. If you do not like jumping out of the plane but still wish to see the panoramic views of Qatar, this is the perfect activity for you.

In paratriking, you will be sitting in a car-like vehicle with three wheels which flies over the city. It has two or more seats so that you can enjoy it with your friends, family, or partner. Just like other sports, this one is also done under experts’ supervision with all safety protocols in line. So, worry not and be ready to get a 360-degree view of Qatar.

• Price: Rs. 13,000-30,000

• Hours: 20-45 minutes

There’s More

Adventure in Qatar is not limited to these seven experiences. If you have the budget and time, you can also explore the following:

  • Kitesurfing
  • Wakeboarding
  • Quad Biking
  • Sailing
  • Dragon Boating
  • Stand up Paddleboating
  • Wind foiling

To get the most out of such adventure in Qatar, we would suggest you do proper research on the tour operators. This way, you can get the best packages at affordable prices. Moreover, this will also help you ensure you reserve a seat in case you are going in a peak season. Have fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are some safe activities in Qatar?

A1. Almost all the activities we mentioned above are safe since they are done under experts’ supervision. However, if you want a less thrilling activity, you can try boating, cruises, and camel rides in Qatar.

Q2. Is Qatar Safe?

A2. Generally, it is a safe country since crime levels are low. But you need to be careful of common thefts and try to follow the local customs around dressing and behaviour.

Q3. How many days are enough for a Qatar trip?

A3. Along with sightseeing and adventure in Qatar, you would need at least 5-6 days.

Q4. What is the local currency in Qatar?

A4. The local currency of Qatar is the Qatari riyal.

Q5. When is the best time to visit Qatar?

A5. The best time to visit Qatar is winter season from October till March since the weather is pleasant and not too hot.

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